Emerging Leaders Scholarship


Open to any Korean or Korean-American seminary students who are currently enrolled at an accredited theological seminary in the United States who are pursuing a Masters of Divinity (M.Div.) degree. One must be in need of financial assistance with good academic standing, strong Christian faith, and leadership.

• Scholarship Award Amount: $2,000 for one year
• Eligibility: Must be a Korean or Korean-American seminary student currently attending an accredited US theological school  full time pursuing a Master of Divinity degree
• Number of Award Recipients: up to 10
• Application Submission: Online
• Application Period: April 15 – June 1
• Recipient Announcement: July 1 (Preliminary), July 15 (Final)
• Award Ceremony: August 7, 2019

•Documents Required:

1) Online application

2) Three essays (one introduction and two separate essay questions)

3) Two Recommendations – One Pastor and One Personal  emailed to recommendation@yspcscholarship.org

4) Most Recent Transcript – Copy of Official Transcript Directly emailed to transcript@yspcscholarship.org (Incoming Freshman students to submit High School Transcript)

5) Resume with includes Church Membership/Service Record (for college students – college fellowship) to be uploaded with the online application.

•Award Distribution Date: August 7, 2019


Yuong-Sang Scholarship Award Recipients 2018

Ahram Go(Westminster Theological Seminary)/ Paul Ham(Westminster Theological Seminary)

Eunjoo Jeon(Biblical Theological Seminary), Jeemyeong Kim(Biblical Theological Seminary) 

Eunhyo Woo(Westminster Theological Seminary) / Juan David Choi(Washington U of Virginia) 

Poyun Kim(Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary)/ Sanghyun Lee(Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary)/ Wooyoung Lee(Gateway Seminary)

Ahram Go

Jeemyeong Kim

Paul Ham

Eunhyo Woo

Eunjoo Jeon

Yuong-Sang Scholarship Award Recipients 2017

Paul Ham
Dongmin Park
Hongchang Cho
Han Sol Kang
Poyoun Kim
Joseph Sang Wuk Lee