YSPC Seminarians Scholarship


Open only to registered members of Yuong Sang Presbyterian Church who are attending an accredited theological school in the US and serving at the YSPC under the care of Senior Pastor. A monthly scholarship of $500 will be supported from the general church fund.

The Scholarship is $500 per month from January to December of following year. Applicants may apply multiple years until he or she graduates. This Scholarship is funded by Yuong Sang Presbyterian Church.
• Scholarship Award Amount: $500 per month for 12 months
• Eligibility: Must be a registered member of YSPC and attending a theological seminary in the US full time pursuing a degree.
•All application related questions should be sent to Elder Sun Young Jang – Phone (215-466-7787) Email (jang4ro@hotmail.com)

Award Ceremony: August 5, 2020

Michael Hoi

Westminster Theological Seminary

Yuong Sang Youth Ministry

Sunkuk Jun

Biblical Theological Seminary

Yuong Sang Korean Youth Ministry

Wangkyu Lee

Biblical Theological Seminary

Primetime Ministry