Rev. Greg Young Paek, YPSC Senior Pastor

"The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest."

Having served for over 26 years as a missionary, raising leaders for Christ is one of our most valuable investments. As the newly installed senior pastor of Yuong Sang Presbyterian Church, I intend to continue to develop the next generation of Christian leaders.

The Yuong Sang Scholarships will support three types of candidates and will be managed with clear and open accountability.

First, scholarships will support theological students studying in accredited divinity schools in the United States. We desire to encourage candidates pursuing theological studies.

Being a father of three while in the missions field, I understand the financial hardships and sacrifices missionary and pastoral children make.  

The second track will support children of pastors and missionaries (PKs & MKs) who are pursuing graduate degrees with the potential to become valuable assets in God’s Kingdom. 

Third, the open scholarship will be made available to both families and friends of the church with financial challenges. This category is open to Korean and Korean-American undergraduate students who are visionaries with a firm faith in God.

All recipients of the scholarship will be selected with very specific guidelines set by the committee. For more details of each scholarship, please go to the Scholarship Types menu.  

                      Rev. Greg Paek, Yuong Sang Korean Presbyterian Church

Your dreams come true.

The Yuong Sang Scholarship Foundation was established in 2016 when Yuong Sang Presbyterian Church (YSPC) allocated $470,000 in honor of founding pastor, Rev. Yong Kol Yi. He requested the funds be used to support pastors and missionary kids in form of a scholarship. This was done by Rev. Yong Kol Yi in memory of those who supported him during his poor childhood and seminarian years. Additional generous donation was made to grow the total scholarship fund to $500,000.

Our mission

  • Support Pastor and Missionary Kids

    We want to support PKs and MKs pursuing their Masters degrees to prepare as future leaders of the churches and in world missions

  • Encourage Faithful Leaders

    We want to encourage faithful and potential leaders of YSPC to pursue their dreams and visions despite challenging financial circumstances

What people are saying

We want to develop 1:1 mentoring programs to provide the role of mentoring in positively shaping the next generation