RPTSE Scholarship


Annually, the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary of the East (RPTSE) will select three students to receive $2,400 for tuition each year.

• Scholarship Award Amount: $800 for one year
• Eligibility: Must be full-time M.Div degree student at RPTSE
• Number of Award Recipient: 3 recipients a year
• For more information and application, please contact School Office
(www.rptseast.org 718-463-7163)
• Award Ceremony: August 3, 2022

Yuong-Sang Scholarship 2022 Award Recipients

김복순 (목회학과)

임지홍 (목회학과)

김해련 (목회학과)

Yuong-Sang Scholarship 2021 Award Recipients


김경 (목회학과)

박찬유 (목회학과)

Yuong-Sang Scholarship 2020 Award Recipients

이성남 (목회학과)

문맹숙 (목회학과)

최의화 (목회학과)

Yuong-Sang Scholarship 2019 Award Recipients

최진권 (목회학과)

이영준 (목회학과)

장수자 (목회학과)

Yuong-Sang Scholarship 2018 Award Recipients

Hwiyoung Park

Eun Ho Chun

Gum Hee Kim

Hwiyoung Park

Eun Ho Chun

Gum Hee Kim

Yuong-Sang Scholarship 2017 Award Recipients

Juhyun Kim
Sung Hee Sim
Jai Won Chong