Our Intent

Over 60 years ago, the founding pastor of Yuong Sang Presbyterian Church (YSPC), Rev. Yong Kol Yi, was only able to complete his education through the financial support of an anonymous donor.  Through this anonymous donor, and many others who supported him during his childhood and seminarian years, Rev. Yi has been able to share the love of Christ with tens of thousands of people.  The Yuong Sang Scholarship Foundation was established in 2016 when YSPC allocated $470,000 in honor of Rev. Yi, who requested that the funds be used to support the children of pastors and missionaries in the form of a scholarship.  Additional generous donations were made to grow the total scholarship fund to $500,000.

Our Vision

1) To support those who are pursuing their Masters of Divinity degree program, to better prepare them as future leaders of the church and in world missions

2) To encourage faithful and potential leaders of YSPC in their undergraduate studies as they pursue their dreams and visions, despite financial challenges and hardships

3) To support pastors and missionary kids (PKs & MKs) as they pursue their graduate degrees with the intent to become missionaries

4) To develop a one on one mentoring program which will be used to make a positive impact to our next generation of Christian leaders

Support Pastor and Missionary Kids

We want to support PKs and MKs pursuing their Masters degrees to prepare as future leaders of ...

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Encourage Faithful Leaders

We want to encourage faithful and potential leaders of YSPC to pursue their dreams and visions despite ...

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1:1 Mentoring Program

We want to develop 1:1 mentoring programs to provide the role of mentoring in positively shaping the ...

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  • Section 1

    First, the fund will support theological students studying in accredited schools in United States. We desire to encourage candidates pursuing theological studies. We will also support children of pastors and missionaries (PKs & MKs) with potential to become valuable asset in God’s Kingdom. It is our desire to continue developing missions and pastoral leaders.

  • Section 2

    Second, the open scholarship will be made available to both families and friends of the church with financial challenges. This category is open to the community at large, and is available to college and graduate students who are visionaries with firm faith in God.

  • Section 3

    All recipients of the scholarship will be selected with very specific guidelines set by the committee. The scholarship fund will be used in development of next generation, Korean-Americans leaders and beyond.